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Advance DMIT
Research and innovation is our genesis. These core values continuously fuel up our passion to develop and bring a different cutting edge niche in our DMIT Report.
Our advance DMIT analysis report has been built on rock solid grounds of :

✔ Intensive research and study on fingerprint patterns.

✔ Practical experience of generating more than 12,000 reports.

✔ Continuous up-gradation of valuable data and parameters.

✔ Overcoming the loop holes and short falls of current DMIT Market trends

✔Continuous data validation, feedbacks ,inputs given by our business associates and valuable clients.

Dermatoglyphics (DMIT Test)
Advance DMIT
Demo Report
Know Your Talent Advantage....
Deep Insights About Fingerprint Patterns
  • Different fingerprint patterns have different energies in it.
  • Each finger represents different ability and brain lobe connections.
  • Placement of specific pattern indicates specific energy in that ability.
  • Placement of various patterns effects the specific ability potential.
  • Patterns give deep insight about energy distribution & personality.
  • We can understand one's Life-Purpose by decoding the patterns.
  • Hormonal disturbances can be identified
  • We come to know Mother's thought process during pregnancy.
Deep Analysis & Advance Assessments
  • The report is a powerful combination of ridge count "Potential" and fingerprint pattern "Energies" associated with it.
  • Accuracy of the report is very high as compared to reports which are derived only the basis of ridge count.
  • The BrainCorp Advance Report has been designed and developed after intensive research, trails & experiment evaluations.
  • The effort of the counselor is reduced as the report itself gives deep insight assessment of the individual.
Unique Features Of Know Your Talent Advance DMIT Report...
Deep Analysis & Advance Assessments
Analysis of Your 10 Life Skills
Life-Skills are behaviors and approaches used in the management of personal affairs. They are the skills acquired by Inborn inheritance, training or experience to handle
1. Expression
2. Will Power
3. Passion
4. Responsibility
5. Integrity
6. Healer/Insight
7. Relationships
8. Creativity
9. Performer
10. Innovation
Strength of Your 5 Senses
A Sense Is a Physiological Capacity Of Humans That Provides Data Perception To The Brain. Humans Have Multitude Senses. Our Knowledge Of Outside World Depends On

1. Sense of Hearing
2. Sense of Taste
3. Sense of Smell

4. Sense of Touch
5. Sense of Sight
Your 5 Inborm Gifts
Human brain is a miracle gift with unlimited potential for exploration. Brain is the most complex creation of universe and thus its powers are amazing. Humans are Gifted

1. Gift of Persistence
2. Gift of Perception
3. Gift of Organization

4. Gift of Sensitivity
5. Gift of Communication
Your Key to Fullfillment & Success
Life's fulfillment comes from true satisfaction and feeling of content. It is the essence of being feeling complete in the journey of life.This comes from understanding the true

1. Emotional Mastery
2. Servitude Mastery

4. Wisdom Mastery
5. Peace Mastery
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