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How does dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test (DMIT) help me ?
DMIT a revolutionary system to help an individual identify their talents, build them into strengths and enjoy consistent, and fulfill the ultimate need of self-actualization. DMIT is the system that identifies the most prevalent human intrinsic potential with the theory of human genetic inheritance.
How is Dermatoglyphic multiple intelligence test be done ?
Step 1: Acquire Fingerprints Biometric Information With Scanner.
Step 2: Computerized Derma-Analysis.
Step 3: Professional Consultation Service with Personalized Report.
How does it help Parents ?
Parents are in a better position to guide the learning experience of their child depending on their child’s natural ability and their learning style. They can adopt a learning curriculum that would stimulate the child’s development. If a child has lower bodily kinesthetic intelligence, parents should focus on the physical aspects or fine motor skills of the child at an early age. The key here is to reduce the imbalance the child may have. By exposing the child at an earlier age, it will have a greater impact in reducing the imbalance as compared if it was introduced later.
Child development research has established that the rate of human learning an development is most rapid in the preschool years. Early intervention becomes particularly important when a child runs the risk of missing an opportunity to learn during a state of maximum readiness. If the most teachable moments or stages of greatest readiness are not taken advantage of, a child may have difficulty learning a particular skill at a later time. Only through early identification and proper nurturing can children develop their potential. It is important that the nurturing starts young. If a child does not get the right kind of stimulus at the right age the neurological circuits will not develop properly, hence, compromising performance in that particular area.
What if i don’t want to do the test, i find it not neccessary ?
Yes, you may choose to take or not to take the DMIT, Most can understand themselves and their talents. Working through many trials and errors. Since we are in the 21st century we no longer can afford to waste time and money. We all know everyone have talents, however no one have all talents. Undiscoverd talents will only be buried when you stopped learning.
How accurate is Dermatoglyphics ?
Our fingerprints are determined by our DNA and they have a direct co-relation to how our brain’s makeup. At the 13th week of an embryo in the womb, skin ridges which cannot be changed in one’s lifetime begin to appear and are complete until the 24th week; this is in tandem with the embryo’s brain development. There is a very high degree of accuracy of analysis outcome. The importance is that it only requires the subject’s fingerprints, without further intervention. This avoids any inaccuracy introduced as a result of intellectual and emotional maturity, language skills, etc that is typically present in other means of intelligence and learning style analysis.
Have you wasted a lot of time and energy trying to make your child change ?
Through DMIT, you get to know of their inborn characteristics and their intelligences. Use the analysis report and collaborate with them. Its not easy to be parents to the new generation teens in this 21st century. Don’t wait for the peak to catch up with new scientific advancement, explore them.
How about parents, do they need to take the test ?
Its better to understand and know perfectly of yourself. It take both to compromise a situation. Harmonious the relationship, no more disrepect, dishonesty, temper tantrums and arguments to endure.
What is the relationship between Finger Prints and the Human brain ?
In the earlier days, American doctors discovered a strange case where a baby is born without brain the disease was coined by name “anencephaly”. In anencephaly, many times with absence of brain even the fingerprints were missing. Cases like this had been repeated throughout history. In the gestation period fingerprints and brain development happens simultaneously during week 14 to week 21, leading medical experts to believe that the brain is absolutely linked to the fingerprints.
Is Dermatoglyphs a firm of fortune telling ?
Absolutely not. Palmistry or Chiromancy is the divination of the future through the interpretation of lines of the palms whereas Dermatoglyphs is the science of comparing analysing and classifying the patterns of the skin grains and ridges of each person's fingerprint. These analysis do not predict the future, but rather gives a comprehensive insight of one's innate intelligence distributions, potentials, and preferred learning and communication styles.
What is the science of Dermatoglyphs ?
Dermatoglyphs refers to the branch of science which studies the patterns of skin (dermal) ridges present on human fingers, toes and the soles. Each one's Dermatoglyphs pattern is unique and unalterable. It reveals the congenital links between our fingers and our intrinsic qualities i.e. strengths& weaknesses. Dermatoglyphs being a science, is used in clinical applications such as detection of down syndrome, Diabetes Mellitus etc.
How old is Dermatoglyphs ?
Scientific study of fingerprints has started in year 1650. Word Dermatoglyphs was coined in year 1926 by Dr Harold Cummins & Midlo.
How reliable ?
Since years many scientists and medical doctors have used genetics, embryology, Dermatoglyphs, anthropology and anatomy as basis to observe, analyze, validate and conclude the result of Dermatoglyphs. It has been most advanced and useful tool to understand the potential functioning of brain lobes. As fingerprints are unalterable and are never influenced by environment, behaviors, companies & moods, the reliability of the fingerprint analysis remain on top.
Any reference material to authenticate the analysis ?
There are over 750 research papers available on internet talking about references to Dermatoglyphs and Dermatoglyphs analysis. Apart from that thousands of satisfied clients are there to authenticate the analysis.
Reference book for detailed study on Dermatoglyphs.
An Introduction to Dermatoglyphs
Edited by
Harold Cummins, PH.D.
Charles Midlo, M.D.
New Orleans August 9, 1943
What is the Analysis Process and duration ?
"Infinity", our user interface,the next generation state-of-the art E R P system developed by us enables our certified affiliates to conduct themselves over our sophisticated, dedicated secured servers and follow the process. We take immense pride about infinity being one of its kind user interface with "Nano" technology and clouding capability for the process of DMIA.
Who will interpret the Analysis ?
Our professionally trained counselors will interpret the analysis and provide necessary remedies.
Do you initiate any follow-up action ?
Yes, after the initial counselling with the client, we also take advance appointments for remedial therapies as required.
How is Dermatoglyphs Analysis in comparison to conventional methods ?
Conventional Testing uses questionnaire format where most of the time answers can be influenced by the emotional and mental state, wherein Dermatoglyphs Analysis is unaffected by such parameters hence offering most vivid results.
What do the readings measure ?
  1. Behavior pattern based on DISC profiling
  2. Percentile distribution of Innate Intelligence
  3. Left & Right Brain potential
  4. Preferred learning styles i.e. Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic
  5. Different Quotients (AQ, IQ, CQ, EQ)
  6. Preferred career options from 300+ careers.
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