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Mid Brain Activation - FAQ
Mid Brain Activation
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What is the difference between school learning and 'Mid Brain Activation Programme' ?

The education philosophy of Brain Magic with Mid Brain Activation Programme is different where it is a unique discipline compared to conventional academic development. Academic development is emphasized in schools or tutorial centres. It has an orthodox and rigid syllabus structured with examination, competition and race for admissions in better colleges etc. Language, math and science are considered to be the only tool, which are based on left brain methodology (systematic).

Meanwhile, Mid-Brain Activation Programme is a holistic approach where a student is not heavily restricted to rigid learning structure (such as school) and they are allowed to explore and answer beyond their learning materials. It is based on right brain methodology which consists of imagination, creativity, passion, love and abundance, and when this approach is put into daily practice, hence it can slowly enhance an individual's 'life-skill' such as improved memory retention, higher concentration ability, more spontaneous (quick thinking) and better innovation.

The Mid Brain acts as a sort of control tower of consciousness and is equipped with highly advanced intelligence.. If a person develops his Mid Brain, he can acquire a memory that will allow him to never forget whatever they have seen or heard once. The Mid Brain is in charge pf controlling the entire human organism including the viscera. The deep human consciousness controls the Mid Brain.

In order to awaken this part of the brain, it is necessary to learn to stimulate our neurons inside the brain to produce neuro-transmitters by sending specific vibrations in the form of binaural or subliminal beats.

What is this Workshop all about ?

The 2 Days Mid-Brain Activation Programme is designed to give children an eye opening introduction to Brain Stimulation. The objective is to let children experience what right brain functioning is all about and to help them identify their inherent powers which they have got by birth itself. This workshop is not a lecture based dull workshop like school subjects rather it is full of fun, joy, creativity and wild imaginations.

This Workshop will serve as a spring board, as it gives children a whole new perspective about their brain capabilities and the abundant powers their brain possess. It is like “Starting the Engine of their Brain'.

What are the benefits of this workshop ?
  • Excellent photographic memory
  • Stronger power of observation
  • Power crisper and dealer vision
  • These-dimensional visualization
  • Inspired reading speed
  • Accelerated learning process
  • It improves a person's thinking ability and mental strength by using whole Brain.
  • Imported self confident and Emotional Stability
  • Improved concentration skill
  • Tenhance logical & creative ability in tandem
  • Quick languages, math and music acquisition
  • Itimprove IQ (Intelligence Question) & EQ (Emotional Quotient) Simultaneously.
  • Itwill also improve Academic Strength, Social Skills will Power, Kinesthetic skills, Language Skills Spatial and Spiritual Skill.
Why is it called 'Mid-Brain Activation' and how do you activate it ?
Activator is what science generally refers to the process whereby something is prepared or excited for subsequent reaction. Workshop, students are prepared to experience creative activities (imagination and memory skills) that they have not experienced in their school and colleges, which is followed by excitement in discovering their awesome abilities of the brain. The subsequent anticipated is the inspiration, motivation and new perception they will gain in life.
What are the key contents of this Workshop” ?
The workshop is conducted with fundamentals of brain coordination brain exercises (neurobics), character build up measure, memory games, memory techniques, Alpha Concentration, Progressive Meditation, metaphorical (visualization) and concentration exercises.
How do we get to know that the workshop is effective ?
To give parents a proper platform to evaluate their child's development, at the end of the two workshop we conduct a live demonstration with all the children who have attended the workshop. A basic demonstration that would show your child's instant development through which he/she might be able to identify colours, numbers, figures, pictures and alphabets etc all blindfolded.
How do you follow up on the kids after the Wokshop ?
Our Team is committed to see every child benefiting from this technique. We usually follow up with one to one communication (Tele calling) to see that all the kids are progressing and practicing with the post workshop material provided by us. We also suggest all the parents to bring the kinds for repetition whenever we visit only for a fresh workshop.
What material do you give for practice post workshop ?
  • Brain Gym (Neurobics)
  • Afterimage Exercises
  • Visualization Exercises
  • Concentration Exercises
  • Brain Teasers
How can two-Day Workshop be sufficient ?
Our Team has researched and designed an exclusive program with specific techniques that make up the essential difference – empowerment of brain through four different sessions of Music & Inner Brain activation, Theta, fear eradication, targeted vision deployment and alpha progressive visualization. With the empowerment of inner strengths and inner brain powers, this workshop offers increased productivity, effectiveness and precise output. It is an extraordinary way to enrich every child's realistic as well as virtual life's knowledge.
Are there any side effects of vigorous brain training ?
There are some children (less than 5%) was are not used to the vigorous brain exercises and hence they may experience dizziness of 'tired brain' after the Workshop. Hypothetically, a body that seldom exercises will experience fatigue and even muscle pain after vigorous physical activities. There goes the same to our brain, however these minor symptoms are only temporary and it will not affect the child.
Are the parents allowed to sit in the class ?
Usually parents are not allowed to join in the class due to distraction not only to their child but also to other students. Parents may 'hang around' for a while to give assurance to younger children. We encourage children to be independent and therefore, parents' participation may affect the desired outcome of this Workshop.
What is the actual duration of this workshop ?
The actual duration of the Workshop is of total 36 Hours. The first workshop that kids attend covers the first 12 Hrs. the rest can be covered through repetitions at regular intervals.
How do you justify the effectiveness of this Workshop? Any specific time frame ?
Our workshop is definitely result oriented but it also important for the parents to follow up on the kids with their regular improvement to analyse the progress. Ultimately will students will have general improvement such as better self expression, sharper mind, better stress management (during revision), higher concentration ability, quicker recalling skills (during exam) and a more creative approach.
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