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The Brain Gym
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Brain Gym

Brain Gym exercises , is a series of movements which aim to enhance the experience of whole-brain learning.

Your Brain is a Muscle..!!

Like every other muscle it needs exercise Brain gym is one way to exercise your mind so that you can learn better.
Just as athletes need to warm up, and musical instruments need to be tuned..!!

Research shows that structured physical movement can enhance our readiness for learning.
Physical movement increases the oxygen in the blood stream and leads to improved concentration. In addition, adding a movement or physical action to a learning point will help recall.

All age groups can benefit from Brain Gym. The actions are elegant, quick and simple to perform, and the results are often surprising and immediate.

The movements can be divided into three categories:
Midline Movements
Lengthening Activities
Energy Exercises
Which focus on activating both the left and the right hemispheres so they can be used in harmony.   Which help to make connections between the back and the front of the brain, enabling the learner to retrieve stored information and to process and express it.   Which help to reestablish the neural connections between the body and the brain and aid the flow of electromagnetic energy throughout the body, which is essential for learning.
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